About studio Room6

The Room 6 recording studio is a cross-cultural project lead by youth from Turku. The project is financed by the EU program Youth in Action as well as ABC Nuorisotoiminta Ry. The idea to build the studio was created by a group of young musicians living in Turku. During the project the participants have planned the budget, acquired and installed audio hardware, set up the studio room, developed the web page and are now recording music. Additionally, consulting in the corresponding areas is organized for the team. The main aim of the studio is to promote and conserve the cultures of different countries and nations by recording music with no cultural boundaries.

The studio is open for everybody who is interested in writing, recording and producing music. All cultures and music styles are welcome!

We provide:

- recording
- mixing
- mastering
- arrangement


Focusrite Liquid 56 FW Recording Interface
M-Audio Projectmix I/O FW Recording/Control Interface
Samson C-Control Control Room Matrix
Behringer Truth B2030A Monitors
2x Behringer B-2 Pro Vocal Mics
1x Røde NTG-2 Instrument Mic
And more

Presonus Studio One 2
A variety of plugins

Working hours

Mon-Fri: 18:00-21:00
Sat-Sun: on agreement (call 0400 688318)

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